SPF Private Clients

SPF Private Clients

Mortgage broker SPF was Melanie’s first client when she set up Bien Media. She was already very familiar with the company as she had been their in-house head of media relations for five and a half years, so all in all she has done the company’s PR for the past decade - and counting.

SPF’s aim is to keep a significant profile in the quality press, by commenting on mortgage and property stories. It is a crowded marketplace with several other national mortgage brokers vying for coverage, but SPF believes it is vital in reminding key introducers, such as Savills PLC, that the company is ready and waiting to assist with any mortgage referrals.

Over the past five years, Bien Media has generated more than four thousand press mentions for SPF. There have been many memorable pieces of coverage such as front-page quotes from chief executive Mark Harris in The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Evening Standard.

Melanie also regularly ghost writes articles for Mark Harris in a variety of national and trade publications. The key to the volume of quality coverage that SPF receives is a mix of proactive and reactive commentary on a range of topics.

Melanie has also written the entire content of the new SPF website, as well as extensive amounts of copy for a new suite of brochures and corporate communications. She also pens a weekly news article for the website.
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